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More Transformative than Doing For

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We Believe

Each of us is broken at some level and in need of God’s restorative healing power. Failing to acknowledge our own brokenness leads to a place of great emotional and spiritual pain. We are in need of soul restoration.


The need for restoration is universal. Rich, poor, young, old, inner city, suburban: we are all in need of God’s restoration. Restoration ATL offers an urban immersion experience in a ministry setting for groups seeking a transformative Kingdom encounter. We believe that God transforms us through relationships, and at Restoration ATL we strive to “being with” those who call the city home rather than “doing for” them.

Mission Experiences

Restoration ATL is a fully immersive missions experience that connects mission teams with the marginalized in ways that promote relationship building, form communities, and develop a passion for service. RATL mission experiences engage groups in RATL’s model of relational ministry through serving the marginalized by “being with” instead of “doing for.”

Be With

Restoration ATL is a fully immersive mission experience that provides mission teams with an environment to serve families transitioning out of homelessness in Atlanta by “being with” instead of “doing for.” RATL provides mission teams with a unique opportunity to live, work, and serve the marginalized in an inner-city ministry environment.

Alternative Breaks

Alternative Break mission experiences provide a space for high school and college students to dedicate a week to service by investing in families transitioning out of homelessness. Students will have the opportunity to engage in service opportunities from on-campus service projects, to empowering children through RATL’s After School Program.


The generosity of RATL supporters not only provides women and children transitioning out of homelessness with tools necessary to overcome homelessness, but with the hope and restoration of a new beginning.