Past Regrets

How do YOU manage past regrets?

One of the obstacles of experiencing the abundant life Jesus offers is dealing with our pasts. I have one. You have one. Even your godly grandmother had a past. No one walks through this journey we call life without regret and too often our secrets or sins from our past hover over us like a low hanging fog in the mountains.

Sin, RestorationATL.orgNewport Cigarettes, RATL.orgThis past Saturday during our RATL retreat, we dealt with some of our past regrets. Our theme verse for the weekend was Micah 7:18-20. In the passage Micah reminds us that God will “tread our sins underfoot and hurl all our iniquities in the depths of the sea.”

You will notice footprints in the photos. The visual image of God “stomping” our sin and casting our past regrets far away was comforting to both the homeless women as well as those volunteers who had come to participate in the RATL weekend.

No longer captive, RestorationATL.orgI am often amazed at how open and vulnerable the homeless women on our retreats are when it comes to their pasts. Their vulnerability creates openness for the volunteers as well, and God seems to consistently heal past wounds. It’s a beautiful picture, which I have had the privilege of experiencing several times over the past year.

Heart Poster, RestorationATL.orgI share what happened at RATL this past weekend to encourage you to take time this week to reflect on the obstacles, the past regrets, which have created spiritual paralysis for you. Go back and reread Micah 7:18-20 and visualize God stomping your regret and giving you the freedom to move forward on your journey.

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