Restoration in Atlanta

Restoration ATL was created to help redefine local missions in the city. The leaders of RATL (pronounce rattle--as in Ez 37:7) were not interested in starting another mission opportunity in the city for those in the suburbs to drive in, drop off, and drive away--creating a transaction-like experience. No, our desire was to create an environment where being with was valued over doing for--which in turn would lead to transformation for all.

The mission of RATL is to create urban ministry environments that foster God’s restoration, building the Kingdom within and through His children. Our goal is to bring individuals from all walks of life together for a unique and interactive mission experience, where both physical and spiritual restoration are received by all. We believe ministry and worship that unite young people from disparate socioeconomic backgrounds will inspire transformation and advance the Kingdom in Atlanta and beyond.

We Believe…

Each of us is broken at some level and in need of God’s restorative healing power. Failing to acknowledge our own brokenness leads to a place of great emotional and spiritual pain. We are in need of soul restoration.

The cure for brokenness in one’s life is found in a relationship with Almighty God through Jesus Christ. This is not a one-time “experience” but rather an on-going journey that takes daily nurture and care.

While God can and does use all environments to transform the lives of His children, He instructs followers to engage in the lives of the poor for such transformation. A way for one to experience healing of a broken soul is to find another broken soul and become Jesus to that person.

We have three primary values that guide our decisions as an organization.

Compassion Triumphs Personal Comfort
We will meet the needs of others before meeting the needs of ourselves. Jesus’ model of leadership was to be a servant. RATL participants will experience firsthand that servanthood begins with placing our focus on others rather than ourselves.

Collaboration Triumphs Individualism
Working together achieves the greatest good. We will partner with other Kingdom-minded individuals and organizations to make a spiritual impact in the lives of all who participate—within the city and beyond.

Celebration Triumphs Defeatism
We will celebrate God’s restorative healing in every person. We will promote a goodness of spirit and be champions for everyone we touch. Every person has self-worth and is offered God’s hope in Jesus Christ. Our message is that through God, restoration is not only possible, but inevitable for those who seek a life that honors Him.