RATL is open to all ages. Over the past year, we have hosted middle and high school students, young adults, families with children, and singles. We have hosted volunteers in their 60's and one weekend we had a 3 year old make it RATL! If a volunteer is under the age of 12, he/she will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. RATL is the perfect family mission trip.

Restoration ATL partners with the City of Refuge (COR), located in Atlanta. COR serves around 250 women and children transitioning out of homelessness in Atlanta. While we do offer RATL retreats during the week, most groups arrive on COR’s campus on Friday evening and leave Sunday morning. The entire RATL retreat takes place on COR’s campus, and all of the activities involve residents who are currently living on campus. Your group may also have the option of going off campus to feed individuals experiencing homelessness on the street with the City of Refuge Sunday morning, if you choose.

The City of Refuge is equipped with lodging accommodations for groups of up to 40 people. A full-service kitchen, restrooms with showers, gym, and lounge are provided for volunteers.

The City of Refuge is a gated facility with 24-hour security. The neighborhood has one of the highest crime rates in the country, but we ask our volunteers to remain on campus during their time with us, and access to the campus is tightly controlled. Safety is paramount for all, including residents and visiting volunteers alike.

The focus of RATL is “being with” not “doing for.” We have found God works differently in one’s life when the goal is to build a relationship with someone rather than merely giving something to that person. Your group will spend time participating in community building activities like Bible studies, reflection groups, VBS activities, recreation activities, worship, and meals with COR residents.

First, it’s hands-on! Your group will be building relationships with and learning from COR residents. Second, it’s in Atlanta. Ministries to third-world countries do much good, but there are many opportunities to reach out here at home. Meaningful, transformative mission work doesn’t require a plane ticket. The cost is significantly lower than a trip outside the country, and the result is just as impactful. Having the opportunity to be on a spiritual retreat with women and children transitioning out of homelessness is a unique offering in the city.

The cost for each participant is $99 for the weekend experience. It covers two nights of lodging: Friday and Saturday night, all meals and snacks, and copy of Broken to Broken. The book will be shipped to you prior to the retreat so you can read in small groups to help prepare you for the RATL experience. RATL also offers a Friday/Saturday retreat that concludes on Saturday evening. The cost of the two-day retreat is $79 per person. For groups that come during the week, the cost is $40 per person, per 24-hour period.

It depends on the size of the group(s) attending. There is a limit of 40 participants. Some weekends have multiple groups present. Volunteers are housed separately from COR residents. Male and female volunteers have separate sleeping areas, restrooms, and shower facilities.

Each volunteer group is expected to send a leader which will supervise her/his group. There will also be Restoration ATL staff on campus throughout your RATL experience, but the primary responsibility of the group will be with the group's leaders.

Each leader will be responsible for her/his church’s transportation. There is limited parking at the City of Refuge, and it is best to arrive in a van or a church vehicle. Carpooling is also recommended because the facility is gated.

Email us at info@restorationatl.org to reserve your weekend and we will send each group leader a full information package to help your group prepare for this unique mission experience. Please contact Jim Ellison at 404-316-2467 or jim@restorationatl.org with any questions.

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