An Encouraging Word

Have you ever received a hand written note? I don’t know about you, but in this instant-message world, I often forget the significance of the precious gift found in a hand-written note. As a recipient, the joy felt upon receipt of a word written just for me is immense. This past weekend, I joined an [...]

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Prayer For Resurrection

On Good Friday the church universal gathers to remember the work of Christ on the cross and look forward to the promise of resurrection on Easter. Here is a prayer for resurrection for our community on this day of remembrance: “On this day, as we remember the sacrifice and pain of the crucified Christ, we [...]

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March is our most hectic month at RATL

We host spring break groups all day every day for the whole month, which makes for a full, busy, loud, tiring, but oh-so-fun thirty days. Our weeklong groups are so special to us because of the amount of time they spend with us on campus. We love our weekend groups, but there’s something incredible about [...]

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Art in the Image’s Community Mural Project with Our Students

Art in the Image’s Community Mural Project with Our Students! The following post is from an artist and close friend of RATL, Darci Jaret, who worked with the students in the afterschool center a few weeks ago to create art for our afterschool space! Our students worked with Darci to paint a large-scale mural that [...]

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Ghetto Tourism 3

Ghetto Tourism Over the years, I have seen my fair share of “Ghetto Tourism.” These good willing suburbanites arrive to the inner-city in their church vans or SUVs to give out food, blankets, or water bottles, then drive back to their “bubble” after a quick stop by the Varsity. It’s more of a sightseeing trip [...]

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Agents of Change

Agents of Change: Thursday February 23rd was a day where the world shined a light on slavery. In 2013 a movement came about to raise awareness that 27 million people are still trapped in modern day slavery. When the movement first gained momentum, everyone began drawing a red X on their hand. It seemed like [...]

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Little Moments

Little Moments I am not responsible for missed calls between the hours of 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM each day. I affectionately refer to this block of time as “the witching hour”. RATL’s After School program takes place during this time each afternoon and it is both the feature and the fatigue of my day. [...]

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New Computer Lab!

Last week at RATL we had the pleasure of dedicating a new addition to our after-school center, a computer lab! The computer lab was made possible by a grant from the Waffle House Foundation and was installed by students from Georgia Tech. It is already in constant use by the students, offering them access to [...]

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2015 GALA

Restoration ATL’s 2015 Gala was a wonderful success. Thank you for participating, for praying, for giving and for supporting RATL. You are a blessing! [...]

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Lessons in Nature by Guest Blogger Meredith Rogers

One of my favorite things to do is to sit and enjoy nature because it simultaneously gives me energy and peace, and I love to just sit in awe of God’s creation. On a recent trip out west, I had ample opportunity to experience the awe of nature. The more I was outside the more [...]

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