About RATL

Universal Restoration

The need for restoration is universal. Rich, poor, young, old, inner city, suburban: we are all in need of God’s restoration. Restoration ATL offers an urban immersion experience in a ministry setting for groups seeking a transformative Kingdom encounter. We believe that God transforms us through relationships, and at Restoration ATL we strive to “being with” those who call the city home rather than “doing for” them.

RATL brings together groups (middle and high school, young adult, families with children, singles) from faith communities as well as businesses to experience an urban mission in one of Atlanta’s most impoverished areas. RATL retreats include dining, praying, learning, singing, serving, and worshipping with some of Atlanta’s most vulnerable children and their families. Combining relationship building, service, and theological reflection, RATL provides an environment for individuals, from all walks of life, to experience God’s restoration.


To learn more about RATL and how to book an upcoming weekend, contact us.