We Believe

Each of us is broken at some level and in need of God’s restorative healing power. Failing to acknowledge our own brokenness leads to a place of great emotional and spiritual pain. We are in need of soul restoration.

This looks like:
Spiritual programming and pastoral care: art and devotional classes, community events, bible studies, camps for kids, pastoral counseling


We work with:
Women and children transitioning out of homelessness in Atlanta

Get Involved

This looks like:
Urban spiritual retreats with women and children transitioning out of homelessness


We work with:
Community members (Churches, Schools, Colleges, Leadership Teams)

Be Restored

Outcome: “Being with”: relationship building that fosters spiritual restoration and healing for everyone

With the support of people like you, we’ve brought together groups (middle and high school, young adult, families with children, singles) from faith communities as well as businesses to experience God’s restoration.

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